Bricks of Time


建前 (Tatemae)


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The concept “tatemae” (建前, “built in front”), describes the behavior and opinions  a person  displays in public.

In contrast with this, the word “hon’ne”(本音, “true sound”)  describes a person’s true feelings and desires.

In many cases tatemae leads to outright telling of lies in order to avoid exposing the true inward feelings, because the true feelings could lead to break the “wa” (social harmony), wich is the main point in japanese society.

The honne–tatemae divide is considered by some to be of paramount importance in Japanese culture.

This serie was taken in September 2017 in Tokyo. I tried to reflect the duality of the Japanese social behavior, which amazed me.

I use silohuettes as a methaphor of the dark side of each person and reflections in order to highlight the duality between both concepts (Honne and Tatemae) itself.



I don´t know why,  but the true is that , three years ago, I fell under a spell. And it wasn’t good at all. Since then, I’m trying to breake it. I’ve only found peace and calm in especial moments and places. Just there I feel that maybe someday I will be able to find myself again.

No sé por qué, pero la verdad es que, hace tres años, caí presa de un hechizo. Y no fue precisamente bueno. Desde entonces intento romperlo. De momento solo he hallado algún momento de calma y paz en ciertos momentos y lugares. En ellos siento que algún día será capaz de encontrarme a mí mismo.


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