Inari Lake, Finnish Lapland. Inari lake is the sacred lake of Sami people. I enjoyed the starry night in such an special place with Javi, who had never seen an aurora before. Despite the next morning we had to start a seven days trekking with snow rackets along the frozen river Lemmenjoki , …


Northern Light in Ipik beach, Uunartoq island; Greenland. Aurora boreal en la playa de Ipik, en la isla Uunartoq; Sur de Groenlandia. En el centro de la imagen, la Osa Mayor.


My first northern light. Iceland 2014. Mi primera aurora.

Night colours in the glacier

 Qalerallit Glacier;  Ikersuuaq Fiord; Greenland Northern Lights are one of the most impressive and beauty expressions of nature. I enjoyed them in Qaleraliq Glacier. South Greenland. The low tide get the sand wet and night became magic. What a magnificent spectacle showing us the greatness of nature.


  I met 9 travelers and 4 guides in the first “Kungsleden trail winter Expedition” of “Tierras Polares” adventure travel agency. It was a 110 Km hiking in 7 days through swedish Lapland. We enjoyed the beauty of the mountains snowed, the cold of the Lapland wind, the magic lights of the northern nights and …

A strange dream

Jökulsárlón Beach, Iceland. Maybe it's the moon influence or the heat in the middle of a June night. Maybe it's just my mind. Wathever, sometimes I have strange dreams and when I wake up I make strange photos. A veces tengo sueños raros. No sé a qué se deben. He desistido de buscarles significado. Ahora …


Somaroya. Tromso. Norway I found peace and balance in this quiet lake near Tromso. No matter what human beings do, nature always teaches us a lesson of harmony. Si buscas hacer las paces contigo mismo, nada como ponerte frente a algo así y permanecer en silencio...