Nature prevails

Location: Narsaq, South Greenland. Photo taken Kayaking in Narsaq Bay.  Narsaq, despite being a small town, is one of the main cities in South Greenland. Life is hard in Narsaq. Humans always know that this is the realm of Nature. Human activity is always finally defeated by Nature. A pesar de ser muy pequeña, Narsaq …

Under Ice

Location: Crytal Cave, Vatnajokull glacier, Iceland. Iceland never stops amazing you. Better you come here without expectations. Well, you can tell so to everything in life. But especially about Icleland. This is a place plenty of wonders and if you focus in just one, you'll miss other great ones.That was about to happen to me with …

The Sun does exist

Narsaq, Greenland. In  Greenland not everything is ice and cold. Sometimes, the warm light of the sun gifts you great moments of life. En Groenlandia no todo es hielo y frío. A veces, la tibia luz del sol te regala grandes momentos de vida.

Cold and calm

Ésta es la foto con la que participo en la iniciativa de "Revelarte" para recaudar fondos de ayuda a los refugiados de guerra. Near Tromso, Norway.  


  I met 9 travelers and 4 guides in the first “Kungsleden trail winter Expedition” of “Tierras Polares” adventure travel agency. It was a 110 Km hiking in 7 days through swedish Lapland. We enjoyed the beauty of the mountains snowed, the cold of the Lapland wind, the magic lights of the northern nights and …

Silent morning

Photo taken in some place at the south of Taouz, Morocco, Algerian border. Foto tomada en algún lugar al sur de Taouz, Marruecos, frontera con Argelia.   This is Hassan, a Berber dromedary rider. He's the one who guided me through the Sahara night. Once we were at the top of a dune,  we just …

La Alcarria

Lavander fields in Brihuega, La Alcarria region, Guadalajara, Spain Campos de Lavanda acariciados por el sol del atardecer en un paraje de La Alcarria.