Click the first  to enlarge.         Carmen asked me the question. Her voice and the chilly wind of the fiord rescued me from my thoughts. I was well aware that my point for being in Greenland was running away from myself. It was 2014 and my life was in a deflecting …


Northern Light in Ipik beach, Uunartoq island; Greenland. Aurora boreal en la playa de Ipik, en la isla Uunartoq; Sur de Groenlandia. En el centro de la imagen, la Osa Mayor.

Night colours in the glacier

 Qalerallit Glacier;  Ikersuuaq Fiord; Greenland Northern Lights are one of the most impressive and beauty expressions of nature. I enjoyed them in Qaleraliq Glacier. South Greenland. The low tide get the sand wet and night became magic. What a magnificent spectacle showing us the greatness of nature.

Nature prevails

Location: Narsaq, South Greenland. Photo taken Kayaking in Narsaq Bay.  Narsaq, despite being a small town, is one of the main cities in South Greenland. Life is hard in Narsaq. Humans always know that this is the realm of Nature. Human activity is always finally defeated by Nature. A pesar de ser muy pequeña, Narsaq …

The Sun does exist

Narsaq, Greenland. In  Greenland not everything is ice and cold. Sometimes, the warm light of the sun gifts you great moments of life. En Groenlandia no todo es hielo y frío. A veces, la tibia luz del sol te regala grandes momentos de vida.