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Carmen asked me the question. Her voice and the chilly wind of the fiord rescued me from my thoughts. I was well aware that my point for being in Greenland was running away from myself. It was 2014 and my life was in a deflecting point, so I told her that I was there looking for some questions and maybe some answers. Immediately she smiled and said:” Greenland always gives an answer to those who had a question. You’ll see.”

And I began my way through the floating ices, the cold of the air when sun sets, the magic of the lights in the night, the shores spotted by colored houses and the warm of belonging to a clan.

Now, years after that travel that broke my comfort zone, I know that I did find answers. Today I can see with no doubts that the Inuit quotes that I read in a wall while I enjoyed a coffee in my last day in Narsaq, were full of meaning.


“Piumasatit tamatigut pinavianngilatit, sulissutigisatilli piumaarujatit…”
(Enjoy this moment because this moment is your life).


“Iluananrneq nalaatsortumik pineq ajorpog, ilungersorluni, qasusuisaarluni, ilinniarluni, misissuilluni, pilliuteqarluni annermilu suliannik nuannarinnilluarnikkut aatsaat pisarpoq. Itinerusumik asannisigit. Qanilaarnerusumik ogalugit. Pilertornerusumik isumakkeerfiginngit, Ulloa sunaluunniit inuuninni ullutut kingullerpaatut isigisaruk…”
(I hope you  read some fine books, and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don´t  forget make some art, write, draw, build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope somewhere  in the next year, you will surprise yourself).


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