My first northern light. Iceland 2014. Mi primera aurora.

Under Ice

Location: Crytal Cave, Vatnajokull glacier, Iceland. Iceland never stops amazing you. Better you come here without expectations. Well, you can tell so to everything in life. But especially about Icleland. This is a place plenty of wonders and if you focus in just one, you'll miss other great ones.That was about to happen to me with …

A strange dream

Jökulsárlón Beach, Iceland. Maybe it's the moon influence or the heat in the middle of a June night. Maybe it's just my mind. Wathever, sometimes I have strange dreams and when I wake up I make strange photos. A veces tengo sueños raros. No sé a qué se deben. He desistido de buscarles significado. Ahora …

Black sand diamonds

Diamonds glimpses on the volcanic sand in Jökulsárlrón Beach. The icebergs calve from breiðamerkurjökull, an offshoot of Vatnajökull, crashing down into the water and drifting inexorably from Jökulsárlrón lagoon towards the sea.

Snowing under water

Location: Vatnajokull glacier, Iceland. Deep in the heart of the south side of Vatnajokull glacier you can find natural caves of kilometres of length. It could be dangerous if you trek along these riddles when the rivers inside are high because of rain or in spring because of melting ice. We explored one of this caves, …