Serie Speed



This serie is about Earth’s rotation movement, that is faster than most of us think (460 m/s). As you see stars apparently lined with Earth’s axis (Polaris at North), you believe stars are moving around this point. It’s an optical effect. Actually stars move but not around Polaris.:

1. Astrophisic Observatory Teruel, Spain: 4h TimeLapse (TL).

2. Telecommunication towers. Valencia, Spain: 2,5h TL.

3. Sahara desert. M’Hamid, South Morocco: 1h TL.

4. Serra Castle. Valencia, Spain: 1h TL.

5. Garbí,Valencia, Spain: 1h TL.

6. Astrophisic Observatory Teruel, Spain: 2h TL.

7. Atlas. Morocco. 2 h TL.


You can check the Paris Prix Gallery here


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