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This is a series of photographs of Aurora borealis taken in different places in Polar Arctic Circle. It’s an ongoing project that started in March 2014.:

Iceland (2014), Greenland (2014), Tromso (Norway, 2014), Saariselka (Finland, 2015), Finmark (Norway, 2016), Abisko (Sweden, 2016), Lofoten (Norway, 2017), Inari (Finland, 2017), Iceland (2018), Svalbard (Norway, 2018), Tromso Fiords (Norway, 2019)


When the solar wind strikes the Earth’s magnetic field, this acts as a magnetic shield, protecting the Earth from energetic particles and radiation. The particles that aren´t deflected around, will be trapped and accelerated along the magnetic field toward the polar regions, where they will strike the atoms to form the aurora. Depending the nature of the atom excited by the energetic electrons, the light released has a specific length of wave, which determines the colour of the aurora.


If you want to see some Time-Lapses of Auroras that I took while shot these pictures, you will realize of the actual movement of the aurora. You can check out this by clicking the video icon at the bottom of the page.


Click to enlarge and scroll.


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