At the bottom of the gigantic standing Buddha (15m), the tallest on Sri Lanka, one of the stewards watches out the beautiful rock-cut Buddha figures in Buduruwagala. The name Buduruwagala is derived from the words for Buddha (Budu), images (ruva) and stone (gala) . The figures are thought to date from around the 10th century and belong to the Mahayana Buddhist school.

A los pies de una figura de Buda de 15 m, la mayor de Sri Lanka, uno de los encargados vigila las hermosas figuras talladas en la roca, en Buduruwagala. Este nombre deriva de las palabras Buda (Budu), imágenes (ruva) y piedra (gala). Se cree que datan del siglo X y pertenecen a la escuela Mahayana.

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