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Tony said something about dinner. Vicen was waiting our opinion. The fact is that we were hungry, cold and tired; but I didn´t want to quit. So, I said the quote that always works: “I smell the aurora. It’s coming soon and it’s going to be a big one”. It was our third night being lucky with the auroras, our best ever average. So we stayed for a while.
The afternoon had been perfect, with clear skies and soft wind. The aurora had already appeared for three times, with different intensity but always with beautiful performances. Few hours before it happened something strange: we were shooting a timelapse day-to-night with the hope of an aurora in it. When sun was setting I checked one more time the camera settings and waited. The aurora appeared even when the orange of the sunset was shining in the horizon and, in that very moment, the camera stopped working ruining the timelapse. A few seconds after I heard Tony screaming because his stopped too. I don’t know yet the actual cause, but I have no doubts that this event was part of the large list of magic things surrounding the Aurora Borealis.
Maybe you have read something about the nature of northern lights: The solar wind strikes the Earth’s magnetic field, that acts as a magnetic shield, protecting the Earth from energetic particles and radiation. The particles that aren´t deflected around, will be trapped and accelerated along the magnetic field toward the polar regions, where they will strike the atoms to form the aurora. Depending the nature of the atom excited by the energetic electrons, the light released has a specific length of wave, which determines the colour of the aurora.
Forget that and believe me: the aurora is magic, in the same way that poetry, music or  love are.
That night we had another beautiful one. It was worthy the hungry and the cold. It was worthy not to quit as always is in life.


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