Kungsleden CUADRADO blanco

Cabecera entrada KUNGSLEDEN SIN ing




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Lars was sitting in a desk inside the sauna. There was another three men, he dind’t meet before. They had been talking politely about the weather and some irrelevant topics. Now it was a quiet ambient. Everyone was lost in his own thoughts. He was a bit tired but happy for the beauty of the  landscapes he had seen along the journey. Suddenly he remembered that, and couldn’t avoid a big smile. He felt urged to share with the others:

“The most strange think I’ve seen today was…a group of Spanish people walking on snowshoes.”, he said and paused waiting the others reaction.

The other guys turned their heads and smiled.

“They told me they were coming to this shelter”, he continued. “As it seems, they are travelling from Abisko to Nikkaluokta…”

“On snowshoes?”

On snowshoes.

And all they laughed loudly.


I was one of those Spanish. I’ve never been in a hiking route on snowshoes and never been before in Abisko National Park, so, when I heard about this travel I had no doubts to join it. It was a 120 Km hike in 7 days through the Swedish Lapland, following the Kungsleden (King’s trail). In winter. Cold nights. But hiking in this season I could enjoy the unique beauty of the North in his element; breathtaking landscapes by day, and, sometimes in the freezing nights, the magic dance of the Aurora above us.


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