Madagascar CUADRADO blanco sin letras

Cabecera letras SIN TITULO ingles

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cambio de idioma



Along 160 Km the train snakes from the rainforest of the highlands to the Indic flats of the eastern coast. Every turn in the way can surprise you crossing a 40 m height bridge or being eated by the jaws of a dark tunnel of  unpredictable lenght; with an amazing waterfall or a breathtaking landscape of rice fields.

For 18 stops this train links, once a week, some villages that only have this chance to make business. There are no alternative roads in many of the cases, because the difficult geography.

The arrival of the train is one of the highlights along the week in town. All the people are in the station, with their top dresses, offering their best meals, waiting for relatives, for the couch they buyed, or in order to sell the local products to the travellers. It is not a touristic train, is a local event, a part of the diary life.

The slow speed of the train, no more than 20 to 30 km/h is a counterpoint to the frenetic transit of people going up and down, the workers loading and unloading stuff, the peadlers selling food to the passenger through the windows and doors…

The sound of this train is the loud of life.



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